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The company has a high-quality r & d team, can undertake various industries with high, medium and low-end power supply r & d and production.
And can specify a variety of certification according to customer requirements.

About us

Guangdong zhenglian power supply co. LTD"Line is heart joint innovation" don't forget to keep in mind the mission, his mind carries forward the spirit dedicated power supply domain, joint industry elite team and the company continuously create new products and ideas, to break through the industry field of core technology, design and develop smarter, more stable source, switching power supply quality products to meet customer demand as the guidance.

Zhenglian power supply is specialized in product category 1, rainproof driving power; 2. Waterproof driving power; 3. Lighting power supply; 4. Industrial control power supply; 5. R&d, manufacturing and sales of display cabinet identification power supply and other products.

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Zhenglian power supply  5 major advantages

Practitioners of high quality switching power supply in the industry

Professional r & d design team
Zhenglian power supply co., LTD gathers professional talents with more than 10 years of industry experience, such as appearance designer, mechanical engineer, hardware engineer, software engineer, etc., who can undertake the development of products used in various industries and pass various certifications specified by customers. Improve product performance, reduce energy consumption, escort quality, continue to create more value for customers.
Advanced production and testing equipment
The company has a modern dustless production base, annual production capacity of more than 4 million, with a number of automatic production equipment, including wave welding, automatic aging system, Aglient, EMC, Rohed&Schwarz, Chroma and other production equipment. Systematic operation process, save labor cost, affordable price.
Safety certification complete quality assurance
All products produced by zhenglian power supply have passed 3C/CE/FCC/ETL and other national safety standards certification. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, they are also exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia.
18 years of r&d and production experience, strong strength
Zhenglian has 18 years of experience in switching power supply industry, focusing on the r&d, production and sales of rainproof driving power, waterproof driving power, lighting power, industrial control power, display cabinet sign power, LED dimming power, LED driving power and other switching power. Product quality is stable, cost-effective. Complete specifications, support customization.
Perfect after-sales service system
The company has a special after-sales service department. 24 hours to provide you with intimate after-sales service, timely handling customer problems.
We promise: regularly visit the power supply operation status; Regular discussion and communication with your personnel;
We promise: all products of the company are provided with two years of quality assurance services, within a year there are any quality problems free replacement.
May our integrity and action in exchange for your trust in the company, work together to create brilliant.
National service hotline:13798771986


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